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PM Modi shares insights on transforming education at ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024’.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024: Your Guide to Registration and Interaction with PM Modi

Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC), is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, presenting teachers and students alike with a unique opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. This platform fosters an open exchange of insights on navigating exam anxieties and seeking valuable guidance from the nation's leader. The PPC serves as an invaluable resource for participants, equipping them with practical tools and strategies to excel in their academic pursuits.

Registrations for the PPC 2024 are now open! Here are a few quick pointers to keep in mind with regards to the PPC 2024:

1. Who can participate?

- Students from Classes 6 to 12

- Teachers

- Parents

2. How to register?

- Visit the official website: innovateindia.mygov.in

- Click on the "Participate" button under Pariksha Pe Charcha.

- Click on "Login to submit" and use your credentials to log in.

- Enter your details accurately, including name, educational institution, and contact information.

- Craft your question for the Prime Minister within 500 characters and submit it.

- Double-check everything before finalizing your registration.

- Click on the submission button to complete your registration.

3. What happens after registration?

- You'll receive a confirmation email or notification if your registration is successful.

- The date for PPC 2024 will be announced soon by the Ministry of Education.

- Around 2,050 participants selected via competitions on MyGov will receive PPC kits.

4. Tips for crafting your question:

- Keep it concise and within the 500-character limit.

- Focus on a specific issue or concern related to exams or academics.

- Be clear and direct in your question.

5. Remember:

The last date to register is January 12, 2024. PPC is a part of the "Exam Warriors" movement aimed at creating a stress-free environment for students. The event will be broadcasted live on various channels, so even if you're not selected to attend in person, you can still participate virtually.

Take advantage of this chance to interact with Prime Minister Modi and gain valuable insights on exam preparation!

Pariksha Pe Charcha official website: innovateindia.mygov.in

MyGov website: mygov.in

Education Ministry of India website: education.gov.in

PM Modi shares insights on transforming education at ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024’.

On January 29, 2024, Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi bore witness to Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024,

graced by the esteemed presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This enlightening session, organised by the Ministry of Education, aimed to address transformation in education, exam stress, and related topics, engaging a diverse audience of students, teachers, and parents. The event also included an exhibition where students displayed projects involving cutting-edge technologies, receiving admiration from PM Modi for their contributions and results.

Prime Minister Modi, renowned for his inspiring talks, delivered a comprehensive address covering subjects of significance to students, educators, and families. His speech included profound insights on effective performance methods as he delved into various topics on exam preparation.

  1. The importance of individual performance:
    Prime Minister Modi's discourse on navigating exam stress underscored the importance of personal achievement over peer competition. He wisely advised, "Strive for personal excellence rather than engaging in a race against your peers. Let their successes inspire you." Addressing parental expectations, he cautioned against using children's accomplishments as measures of societal standing.
  2. Fostering strong student-teacher relationships:
    A notable highlight was Prime Minister Modi's emphasis on cultivating meaningful bonds between educators and learners. He advocated for relationships extending beyond the curriculum, and relying on the support of teachers to help alleviate exam-related stress.
  3. Prioritising Health and Well-being:
    Prime Minister Modi emphasised the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during examination periods. He highlighted the importance of balanced nutrition and regular exercise, urging students to incorporate these exercises into their routines.
  4. Balancing the use of technology:
    In an era dominated by technology, Prime Minister Modi urged prudent usage among students and parents alike. He stressed the importance of establishing gadget-free zones at home and minimising screen time, which is essential for fostering healthy habits and effective study routines.
  5. Maintaining a healthy study and sleep schedule:
    Discussing the significance of a well-rested mind, Prime Minister Modi shared his own regimen, stating, "I retire to bed within thirty minutes of laying down, devoid of distractions." He also provided insights into effective study techniques, advising students to set achievable goals and prepare progressively.

Significance of the event:
PM Modi’s advice on exam preparation and readiness was one of the session's main insights. Encouraging students to meticulously examine the question paper and answer the questions accordingly, he stressed on the need for students to hone their writing abilities and its significance in achieving exam success.

In his closing remarks, Prime Minister Modi reflected on the event's success and its growing significance. He lauded the increased participation compared to previous years, highlighting the expanding influence of Pariksha Pe Charcha.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024 has marked a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to address educational challenges and nurture the holistic development of students. PM Modi’s engaging session provided much-needed insights and inspiration for the students and teachers present, taking a step forward in shaping a brighter future for our youth and transforming education in India.

Source: ABP News

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