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Spectrum Program

Quest+ Spectrum Program offers a holistic approach to education in line with NEP 2020, with services including academics, experiential learning, coding, and school ERP.
The Spectrum Program by Quest+ is a comprehensive solution for schools that offers a range of academic, technological, and administrative services. It includes digital content, assessments, analytics, an integrated coding platform, and a school ERP. These features cater to the needs of students, teachers, parents, and school management.

The digital content is delivered through bite-sized modules and multimedia presentations, which enhance conceptual understanding, recall, and retention. Assessments are conducted to evaluate students' performance, and analytics provide insights into their strengths and weaknesses. The coding platform is designed for experiential learning with a focus on creativity and innovation, and the school ERP streamlines administrative tasks, including attendance tracking, examination management, and communication between stakeholders.

The Spectrum Program aligns with the National Education Policy 2020, which emphasizes holistic learning, evidence-based education, and the integration of technology. By adopting the Spectrum Program, schools can offer a well-rounded curriculum that fosters the development of knowledge, skills, and values in students. Moreover, the program simplifies school operations, saves time, and increases productivity, enabling teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning.

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