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Integrated Coding Platform

Activities involving mathematical and computational thinking will receive intense focus through various methods, including fun and games, like puzzles, to make it enjoyable and engaging NEP 2020: 4.25

Empowering students with 21st Century skills

Brought to you by alumnus from IIT, IIM having worked with

Integrated Coding Program

  • Learning coding concepts becomes a movie-like experience with our unique animated series for every course.
  • We want our students to learn from the best teachers who adapt to every student’s unique learning needs.
  • With the selection rate of 1% and an average student rating of 4.9, we know we have been picky and for better.
  • All our classes are beginner-friendly. We have sessions designed specifically for beginners. Right from your first class, we'll make sure we help you get started and feel totally comfortable.
Choice of multiple languages
Learn coding with concepts through a graded curriculum

Focus on innovation & creativity

Complete experiential learning
with hands-on coding

Over 90 projects with concepts

Digitize your school in minutes

What is 17+4?