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What significant modifications have been announced for the CBSE Board Exam 2024?

The CBSE Board has announced several changes for the 2024 exams, including:

  • No more answer books in Accountancy: Students will use regular lined answer books instead of the ones with built-in tables.
  • No overall division, distinction, or aggregate: The board will not calculate or announce these scores.
  • Special arrangements for athletes and Olympians: Students participating in recognized national or international events can take special exams later.
  • Sample question papers and marking schemes released: Students can access these +resources on the CBSE website.
  • Twice-yearly exams and best score retention: Students can take exams in completed subjects twice a year and keep their best score.
  • Two languages are mandatory for Class 11 and 12: One must be an Indian language, and students have more flexibility in choosing subjects.
  • New curriculum framework and textbooks: Developed based on the NEP 2020, these will be implemented in the 2024 academic session.

These changes are intended to reduce stress, promote holistic learning, and provide students with more flexibility and opportunities.

Source: Economic Times

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