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Grade 9 and 10 (English, Mathematics, Science, History & Civics, Geography)

The CBSE, NCERT, and ICSE Class 9th are the foundation for higher classes to learn the topics thoroughly. In this stage, if a student takes up science, they must learn the concept properly. To help, the Singhania Quest Plus curriculum is designed in a certain way that the students learn and develop their sense of individuality. This will eventually help them shape their future by understanding each concept and knowing the syllabus properly. The class 10th board exam is one of the first milestones in every student’s life. This phase shapes the future of the students. It defines their coming years, and the result acts as the foremost parameter in deciding what stream the student will get in the 11th class. It is the stage that indicates students’ overall academic performance. The subjects it consists of are Science, Maths, Social Science, Hindi, English and more. Singhania Quest Plus helps them construct their learning structure along with projects, Lab experiments, etc.



Subject included:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History and Civics
  • Geography

Our content for 9th & 10th grade students is designed to help our students prepare best for their exams by becoming SMART Learners. Some of the salient features of our offerings are as follows:·

  • Get FREE access to previous years content·
  • Learn tricks and strategies of exam preparations through our live sessions
  • Prepare for exams in 25% – 30% reduced time through our SMART learning program
  • Get conceptual clarity through our short, engaging and interactive videos
  • Our content is mapped as per ICSE & CBSE boards

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