Grade 7 (Maths, English, Science and Social Science)

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The ICSE, CBSE, and NCERT Class 7th material include– English, Science and Social Science. It is the stage which prepares you for future studies. Singhania Quest Plus helps you to cover all the subjects. It is the first step towards effective and efficient preparation through its interactive online lessons by expert teachers. The concepts that are taught very crucially as the lessons require a better understanding to form a base. If students lack in academics, the teachers help them with all-time available easy learning modules so they can also score well in their examination by simplifying their concepts.



Subjects included:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Science


Quest+ Learning Advancement Program (LeAP) is India’s first-ever comprehensive program that focuses on overall development along with Academic successes.
While we believe good grades in school is the way to success, we often forget the importance of Life’s skill which contributes to the completeness of life to enjoy success and excel further.
Quest+ LeAP offers an extensive learning platform for children to explore their passion and unleash their ability to grow and succeed. With the Best Educational Content, Foreign languages, Money Management, Live Doubt Solving Classes, Chess, Coding, Music, Dance, and Art & Craft, and more, LeAP focuses on holistic learning from grade Jr. KG to 10th.

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