Grade 6 (Maths, English, Science and Social Science)

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Primary education is important because the study gets serious after the 5th standard. Class 6th most of the concepts are primarily focussed on the base for higher education. It is a gateway to doing well in your higher class and exams. It includes Science, Physics, Biology, Social Science, and other subjects. Singhania Quest Plus helps you to grasp concepts easily, as it conveys the subject matter clearly through videos, learning activities, and assessments created by professional teachers without degrading their interest in learning.



Subjects included:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Science


Quest+ Learning Advancement Program (LeAP) is India’s first-ever comprehensive program that focuses on overall development along with Academic successes.
While we believe good grades in school is the way to success, we often forget the importance of Life’s skill which contributes to the completeness of life to enjoy success and excel further.
Quest+ LeAP offers an extensive learning platform for children to explore their passion and unleash their ability to grow and succeed. With the Best Educational Content, Foreign languages, Money Management, Live Doubt Solving Classes, Chess, Coding, Music, Dance, and Art & Craft, and more, LeAP focuses on holistic learning from grade Jr. KG to 10th.

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