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Traditionally, grades were mere numerical reflections of exam performance. But modern education demands a more comprehensive picture. Enter the absolute grading system, implemented in many countries to align with international standards. This system transcends mere marks, focusing on diverse achievement levels assessed through various avenues.

Quest+ facilitates school operations, including robust performance management, to empower schools embracing this dynamic approach.

Shifting the Spotlight: From Stress to Strength

Absolute grading eases student pressure by acknowledging not just exams, but also assignments, projects, and in-class participation. This multifaceted approach reveals students' strengths and weaknesses beyond purely academic prowess. Grouping students by skill level equips them to identify areas for improvement and celebrate their areas of expertise.

Why Go Absolute?

Globally recognized for its accuracy in evaluating student performance, the absolute grading system has taken India's educational landscape by storm. Schools can now:

  • Focus on Individual Needs: Teachers can offer targeted support to both excelling and struggling students, ensuring no one gets left behind.
  • Empower Self-Discovery: Students gain valuable insights into their own strengths and weaknesses, promoting self-awareness and growth.
  • Calm Exam Anxieties: By de-emphasizing singular high-stakes exams, the system relieves student stress and fosters a more relaxed learning environment.
  • Uniformly Measure, Globally Compete: This standardized system facilitates comparisons across institutions, both within and beyond national borders.

Beyond Marks, Building Better Learners

Absolute grading moves beyond the limitations of mark-centric evaluation. It equips learners with essential tools to build well-rounded skillsets and evolve into their best selves. Continuous revisions to the educational module ensure the system adapts to evolving needs.

A Game-Changer, Educator-Approved

For many educators, absolute grading is a breath of fresh air. This innovative system reduces dependence on high-pressure exams, fostering a more holistic and supportive learning environment.

Embrace the Shift: Partner with Quest+

Ready to join the movement towards a more nuanced and empowering assessment system? Partner with Quest+ and harness the power of technology to implement and manage absolute grading seamlessly. Together, let's build a vibrant educational landscape where every student flourishes, not just in marks, but in all aspects of their academic journey.

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