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ICAI and CBSE Join Hands to Teach Financial Literacy and Promote Chartered Accountancy

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have partnered to equip young minds with the tools for financial independence and career awareness in the field of Chartered accounting. This collaboration promises a multi-pronged approach:

Financial Literacy for Students:

  • Aarambh Study Material:
     ICAI has launched "Aarambh: A Step Towards Financial Independence," a study material covering crucial financial concepts like budgeting, banking, taxation, investment, and retirement planning. This resource will be available to students in classes 9-12 through CBSE schools.
  • Modules and Videos: ICAI will develop additional course content for CBSE-affiliated schools, including modules and video tutorials, to further enhance financial literacy among students.

Promoting Chartered Accountancy:

  • Career Counselling: ICAI will provide career counselling in CBSE schools, informing students about the Chartered Accountancy course, its curriculum, and the diverse career opportunities it opens doors to.
  • MoUs with Universities: To nurture future talent, ICAI will sign MoUs with 11 universities during the National Education Summit on Commerce & Accountancy (NES-CA). This collaboration will involve:
    • Syllabus Development: ICAI will lend expertise in developing commerce syllabi for universities and colleges.
    • Content Development: Creation of high-quality study materials and online resources will be a key focus.
    • Faculty Development Programs: ICAI will conduct training programs to equip faculty members with the latest knowledge and skills in accounting and finance.

Highlighting the Importance of Skills:

  • Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, UGC Chairman, emphasized the need for educational institutions to prepare students with multiple skills relevant to the global job market.
  • He commended ICAI's role in promoting financial transparency, accountability, and good governance, and highlighted the crucial role of skilling in bridging the gap between academic qualifications and industry needs.

This collaboration between ICAI and CBSE marks a significant step towards equipping young people with the financial knowledge and career awareness they need to thrive in the modern world. By fostering financial literacy, promoting the Chartered Accountancy profession, and fostering skill development, this partnership has the potential to shape a future generation of financially responsible and professionally successful individuals.

Source: Indian Express

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