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Quest for Coding Bootcamp

Decode the coding and develop your ideas in the form of the application and website. This bootcamp is a 5 session course (each session is for 1 hour) for 5 days. Your children will learn logic, structure, sequencings, storytelling, and algorithmic thinking.



Coding is the computer language used to develop apps, websites, and software. As the world is becoming digital, we started to rely on smartphones, Internet, AI, etc. The information we choose to view and read all runs on coding. That is why it is important to give the latest technology and experiential learning skills to children. It will help them enable the basic knowledge of coding to reach greater heights when they grow.
We at Singhania offer Coding classes to:

Group 1 – grade 3-5 Scratch basics, Scratch Advance, App Development, Web development
Group 2 – Web Development, Python Basics
Group 3 – Python Advance, AI-ML basics, Javascript


Grade grade 3 to 5 grade 9 to 12 grade 6 to 8 grade 6 to 8 Grade 9 to 12 Grade 3 to 5
No Scratch AI and ML Web Development Python Basics Python Advanced Web and App development
1 Block-based Coding-Syntax AI and ML- Exploring Introduction to Html and Basic formatting tags Introduction to python Introduction to Tkinter Introduction to App development
2 Basic Programs with operators Data types and operators- ML Image, List, and link Operators in python Widgets part 1 App structure Layout and App designing part
3 Animation Using Python - AI projects Creating tables Flow control statements in python Widgets part 2 Introduction to Web Development
4 Game development Visualization of data- ML Forms Game development in python Square root finder App Basic Designing and Web Designing
5 Extensions and app development Create your own machine learning model Make your website live Storytelling using python Temperature converter App Packaging and Publishing of App and Website

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3rd-5th (Scratch Basic), 3rd-5th (Web & App Development), 6th-8th (Web Development), 6th-8th (Python Basics), 9th-12th (Python Advance), 9th-12th (AIML)