Mathlete Wizards

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Does your child like solving maths? Then, here is the chance to encourage them to devote their time to maths with India’s fastest human calculator named Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu.  He is titled as the World’s Fastest Human Calculator by BBC. He won gold at the Mind Sports Olympiad in 2020, also holds 50 Limca records for his mathematical calculation. In Mathlete Wizards, he will help your kids in building mathematical knowledge, improving their Cognitive skills and logical thinking. This course will also help them improve their working memory and parallel thinking. It will not just make kids great at numbers; it will also make them flourish in business and technology.

14 live sessions



Experimental Math Learning and Brain Training

1. Courses created by the World’s Fastest Human Calculator Mr.Bhanu Pratap

2. For students of the age 6-8: Learn math in the most fun way, do calculations in mind, and will love it forever

3. For students of the age 9-10: Learn how to calculate in the mind (3x quicker), understand applications of math, and see math in the world around.

4. For students of the age 11+: Learn the foundations of math, and learn higher mathematical concepts while becoming 3x quicker at math and start to delve deep into math’s applications in AI/ML, tech.

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