Financial Literacy for Students (10 Sessions – 1hr Each)


Learn about the ability to understand various concepts- Savings, Investment & the foundational relationship with the money.  Financial Literacy teaches you about the management of money and debt.  Knowing financial literacy is a must for the beneficial journey of life. Start today to make your tomorrow better as education is the key for successful money management.  Learn Financial Literacy with Quest+ in association with BSE India.



  1. 10 sessions in total – 1 Hour each.
  2. For Grades 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th students
  3. In association with BSE India
  4. Certification Course by BSE India



  • What is Financial Literacy? – An introduction
  • Hit the brakes! – Exercise restraint, begin personal financial planning
  • King Midas – Creating wealth through investing + Investment option
  • The Wolf of Wall street – Learn how the stock market operates
  • Let’s buy a Hayabusa! – How to build wealth to buy what you want
  • Behold, the taxman cometh – Navigating the tax structure in India + taxation Concepts
  • It’s a trap! – Pitfalls and risks associated with improper financial planning and other financial risks
  • How to get rich – Time tested ways to build wealth long term
  • Make that house a home! – Buy that dream home/car/bike/etc in the future, by making wise decisions today
  • Adios Amigos – Goal Setting and a quiz

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For Student Wednesday Batch, For Student Saturday Batch, For Parent Sunday Batch